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This is the only UK outlet for my unique, quality hand-made own brand "Miller" strops in the UK.  Each strop is stamped with "Miller - Hand Made In The UK" so beware of imitations!

Every strop is made from carefully selected top-quality leather, personally selected to ensure that it is suitable to hone the delicate edge of an open razor.  Strops are available in a number of lengths, materials, widths and configurations, including double hanging strops, single leather or fabric hanging strops, heavy duty modular aluminium magnetic strops with detachable stropping panesl and hardwood-bodied paddle strops.

Materials used are:

  • calf and cow hide,
  • water buffalo hide,
  • latigo,
  • superior english bridle,
  • horse hide,
  • shell cordovan horse hide,
  • kangaroo hide,
  • imported finest german juchten
  • heavy duty cotton,
  • genuine linen

Because each strop is hand-made by me I can only offer them in small quantities - nothing is machine or factory made here!  This means that stock is constantly changing, so please check back often to see what else is on offer.  If you do not see something among the strops I have listed here that is suitable, I also offer a bespoke strop-making service so you can order your own length, width and style of strop.

I also offer a variety of hand-made pouches for single open razors and larger roll-type pouches for multiple razors.  These can also be made to personal order to suit your own individual requirements.

That's not all, though!  I stock the following items that are of particular interest to the open razor user:

  • strop pastes and powders,
  • razor hones,
  • oils,
  • alum blocks and styptic pencils
  • diamond polishing liquid/spray
  • razor honing and restoration service
  • hand-made razor scales

I also have an ever-changing supply of quality vintage open razors that have been fully refurbished, honed and stropped and which are truly shave-ready.  Note that most new open razors, even if called shave-ready by the vendor are not shave ready at all, unless a third-party honemeister has re-honed the factory-set cutting edge.  I do not stock new open razors because I believe that the hey-day of razor making was in the past, and what better way to celebrate our heritage than by using a vintage blade?  Remember that back then, unlike today, there were very many open razor makers - if the product was not good, it wouldn't sell and the company would not have survived - a kind of Darwinian natural selection of open razors!  These days the competition is not driving the market - that is not to say that new razors by well-known companies such as Dovo, etc, are no good - far from it! - I just believe that the old steel formulations and razor-making techniques made better razors.

If you have an open razor that needs honing then I can do this for you - from simple honing to shave-readiness to removing nicks, nibbles and frowns.  I can also refurbish/restore your old razor.  I can also clean-up those old scratched and dirty plastic or horn scales, as well as make new scales from a variety of exotic hardwoods and acrylics.  I pin/re-pin scales with brass rod hand-peened over brass washers to give a very good imitation of the old style of pinning, and also restore and buff blades - I can quote from a good set of hi-res photos, or you can mail the razor to me for a quote - please contact me if this service is of interest to you.